So, you want to change a habit, worry less, manage stress, or shift a mindset? Welcome. You’re in the right place. Hypnosis can help you make these changes more easily and efficiently, with lasting results.

Hi there, I’m Keridwyn. I’m a Hypnotherapist in Seattle. I work via zoom with clients from all time zones. Reach out to contact me now to request a free discovery call, book a session, or ask me questions.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Fortunately for us, hypnosis works wonderfully via video. I have been working with clients online for years and look forward to working with you.

What change would you like to make in your life? Hypnosis is an excellent way to help you make specific changes, allowing you find more ease as you move towards your goals. Scroll down to learn what types of change work I help with.

Whether you’re here to lower stress or anxiety or change specific habits, I’m so glad you found your way here. You’ll be able to discover how to make changes (that have previously been a struggle) more easily and naturally.

If you’re ready to get started (or simply have questions), reach out now via my contact form.

I see clients one-on-one in private sessions and also offer group workshops and watch-when-you-can programs.

Check out some of my reviews here to read testimonials from others.


In my years of experience, I have helped hundreds of clients.

Your goals may include:

  • Lower anxiety, stress, and worrisome thoughts
  • Change habits around food/snacking
  • Decrease negative-self talk
  • Increase self-esteem, confidence and resilience
  • Improve emotional regulation and anger management

I also help clients:

  • Stop smoking, vaping, and chewing
  • Change drinking habits (moderating drinking or abstaining)
  • Stop nail biting and skin picking
  • Set better personal boundaries
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Increase motivation and stop procrastination
  • Increase resilience and peace
  • Decrease specific fears of things or experiences
  • Release emotional blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Move beyond heartbreak
  • Strengthen positive habits and behaviors
  • Improve relationships with self and others

Contact me today to ask questions, schedule a free consultation call, or book a session. I look forward to hearing from you!

Learn more about me on the About page.

Read reviews here. Join the waitlist for The Worry Less and Manage Stress Program, here.

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