Reviews of Keridwyn Deller Hypnotherapy & Comfort the Mind:

“I started a skeptic and ended empowered and relieved. Hypno helped me access and reframe ways of thinking I thought were just part of who I was. I have been to cognitive therapy many times and had exhausted “talking about it.” I needed real change and Keridwyn helped me develop the practical tools I needed to move forward . . . Keridwyn is compassionate, present and genuine. I felt safe to be myself, be vulnerable and create change. I highly recommend Hypnotherapy with Keridwyn. Whether you need to address past trauma or realize future goals hypno can truly help you access the power you have to change and heal.” – B.S, Nurse

I highly recommend Keridywn for her style and effectiveness. She is focused, compassionate and very competent. We worked together four times, each with a slightly different root issue. Each time, Keridwyn created a session that really helped me break unproductive thinking patterns and beliefs. I am frankly amazed at how quickly I experienced freedom from worry and overwhelm. And I now have techniques that I can call upon!” – Susan

“I came to Keridwyn to help deal with my increasingly severe phases of negative emotional outbursts. Keridwyn displayed exceptional levels of both professionalism and empathy. She approached my issues in a clear and structured manner that allowed us to identify the root of the problem and determine a healthy way to tackle it. At the same time, she maintained an appreciation for the “human” aspect of the problem and did not try to push a “one fits all” solution (as some other therapists have tried with me in the past). She constantly asked me what I thought and felt throughout the process to tweak her approach and ensure that whatever solution we were building was one uniquely tailored to who I am. Over the course of two sessions, Keridwyn employed several hypnotherapy techniques to recollect important information/events from my past that ultimately shaped the root of my emotional outbursts. She then engaged in empathetic conversation to gradually grow my frame of mind into one that enabled me to better control my emotions. She also gave me some useful mental exercises to do at home to strengthen and sustain this frame of mind. It has been five months since my sessions with Keridwyn, and I have not experienced a single emotional outburst. I highly encourage anyone looking into this line of professional service to consider working with Keridwyn!” – Nathan

“I recently saw Keridwyn for a hypnotherapy session, and she was outstanding! I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never had a hypnotherapy session before, but I was very pleasantly surprised. Keridwyn is warm, caring, knowledgeable and genuine. She was patient at explaining the process and did not try to control the outcomes. She allows lots of time for questions and explanations. I was surprised at how many useful tools I was provided from the session. I’ve been able to apply those tools to real-life situations since my session, and am already seeing a shift in the areas I want to shift and change in my life. I cannot recommend Keridwyn enough!” – Anthony B.

“Keridwyn came at just the right time. I had been stuck at some points with my business. Her warm presence makes it easy to relax and trust the process. We unearthed some unconscious emotional blockages that we’re getting in my way. I love that she gives structure for continuing the new pattern outside of the session. I can happily say, less than 2 months later, my business has taken some leaps. Can’t wait to continue with more sessions. It’s like a tune-up for the less visible parts of the psyche that hold us back.” – L.V, Naturopathic Doctor

“I just recently started to work with Keridwyn. She asked me what I want to work on and that I need to be specific. I got a short list of issues I wasn’t able to concur myself: 1. jealousy, 2. smoking, 3. self-motivation. So far after only three sessions, I am now successfully dealing with jealousy issues and moving away from toxic patterns, I am a non-smoker now and committed to staying this way. I cannot wait to start our next session and finally got myself to the gym as the first step of self-motivation journey. 🙂 It is a pleasure and honor to work with Keridwyn. It’s my first time to work with a hypnotherapist and I could not be happier with the results. She is very thoughtful, attentive, supportive, and understanding. She gave me techniques which now help me to rewire my thought process and accomplish some things I was struggling with in the past.”  – Marina M.

“I was plagued with anxieties that were bi-products of past relationships. They were making me miserable, I was saying yes to things I didn’t want to do. I felt obligated all the time. My happiness and fulfillment were constantly taking a hit from these anxieties. I felt not good enough. I was desperate to change how much power these anxieties had over me. I was really ready for change but I didn’t know how to get it. Working with Keridwyn was a game changer for me! She asked me about my goals and wanted me to be specific. I decided I wanted to work on self doubt as our first target. The first session together was an interesting exploration of where this doubt manifests and how it has impacted me positively and negatively through my life. After our first session so many things began to change for me. The negative self talk I had daily battles with began to unplug it’s power over me and my decisions started to change in big ways! I feel amazed by how much progress I made and how gentile of a process it was.” – Joy S.

“I had a great experience working with Keridwyn. I had never tried hypnotherapy before, and wasn’t sure if it would work for me. Now I can’t believe I waited this long to try it. Keridwyn is very intuitive, and I felt very comfortable talking to her about what I wanted to work on. I gained confidence and techniques to help me change some behaviors I wasn’t happy with, and I have been able to keep using what she taught me to maintain my success.” – E.A, Doula

“I am another healthcare professional who had the pleasure of training alongside Keridwyn in one of her many educational seminars. Not only did she exude such warmth and ease of connection but her joy of learning and mastering these latest approaches in neuro-plasticity was notable. I have no doubt that anyone working with Keridwyn will get excellent treatment and results. She remains on the cutting edge and is extremely dedicated to her craft. Having worked in this field for many years I know the importance of finding someone really good . . . Keridwyn is such a person.” H.W, Psychologist


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