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Enjoy short, watch-when-you-want videos with me (Keridwyn) in this affordable, effective (and often fun!) program, designed for folks who want to have less worry, anxiety, and/or stress in your life.

You’ll be the first to access special early-bird discounts AND earn a chance to win the program for free!

No purchase necessary to join the wait list. You are sharing your info only with me, Keridwyn Deller. No spam (your privacy and happiness is important).

Imagine the months ahead: experiencing less worry and anxiety.

Feeling resilient even on the most stressful days.

Feeling more hopeful and present and enjoying life more.

This affordable program includes short watch-when-you-want bite-sized lessons to learn quick, effective (and often fun!) techniques to interrupt unhelpful thoughts, decrease anxious feelings, mitigate stress, and increase feelings of comfort and joy. You’ll also have access to exclusive watch-live-or-stream-later live sessions that are tailored specifically for your group of participants.

You’ll learn: physical ways to calm your nervous system, visualization and self-hypnosis techniques to let go of excess worry and stress, easy ways to shift your mindset and mood, and much more.

This program was designed to be to-the-point, with helpful bite-sized videos to watch-when-you-want.

Maybe 11pm is the first chance you feel you have for time to yourself.

Maybe you find it hard to carve out time for personal care.

Maybe you simply like skipping past the fluff and getting to the good stuff.

This program is designed for you.

Many videos are only 2-7 minutes long and all of them will be as short as possible to get you feeling more resourceful and hopeful with techniques you can put into play right away to help you worry less and manage stress.

Scroll back up to sign up to be the first to get access to early-bird pricing AND be entered to win this program for free.

I look forward to sharing quick, effective (and often fun!) techniques that have worked for me and my hundreds of clients and program participants.

Have questions? Email Keridwyn here.

I also work with clients one-on-one via zoom, if that appeals to you more.


Hi, I’m Keridwyn. I’m a Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach. I help people lower worry and stress, change habits & behaviors, decrease fear, improve resilience, increase self-confidence, and welcome in more feelings of comfort and peace. I work via Zoom and have helped hundreds of clients and program participants achieve their goals. I am a member of the International Certification Board for Clinical Hypnotherapists and am a Registered Hypnotherapist with the Washington State Dept. of Health. I love sharing the effective, efficient (and often fun!) experience of Hypnotherapy with my clients and look forward to working with you. To find out more, visit my About page.

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