Free “Comfort the Mind: Bite-Sized Comfort Mini-Course” this April

Join the FREE “Comfort the Mind: Bite-Sized Comfort Mini-Course” this April 2020.

This mini-course offers bite-sized mental wellness tools (clever mindfulness and gratitude practices and beyond) to help you experience more comfort and resilience in your life.

Sign up now and get this mini-course for free.
An 8-day experience, the Bite-Sized Comfort mini-course gives you simple, fun, and effective techniques via super-short video posts. Watch videos live or at times that work best for you. At the end of the mini-course, you’ll have eight techniques in your toolbox to help you improve your mental and emotional wellness now and in the days to come. I am gifting this course for FREE in April to all who want to play and learn. No catch. Just my gift to you. Because we all need it right about now.

To join the mini-course, simply sign up at this link.

BONUS! Our private online group invites you to celebrate when you’ve used the daily tool, ask questions, and connect with your instructor and fellow classmates. This group is included when you sign up for the free course. Participation is optional – connect as much or as little as you’d like.


Q: What is Comfort the Mind?
A: Hi, I’m Keridwyn. I’m a Hypnotherapist and Integrative Mental Wellness Coach. I’m in Seattle, WA and work with clients and students online in one-on-one sessions, in group workshops, and in courses. Comfort the Mind is the name of my fun and effective group experiences. From group workshops to courses to help lower anxiety and worry, and beyond.

Q: What types of techniques or tools will you be teaching in the Comfort the Mind: Bite-Sized Comfort Mini-Course?
You’ll learn specific variations of mindfulness and gratitude techniques and additional effective techniques that help you shift your mindset or step into resourceful states. Some of the techniques will involve moving your body, some will involve visualizing or imagining, and others will involve using a pen and paper. These techniques are designed to be fun, quick, and simple so that you can use them no matter how busy your day is.

Q: This is great. Why is it free this time around?
I am gifting this mini-course to help the most amount of people possible. By removing any potential financial barrier, more people can benefit from these tools and techniques, which will help bring more good into the world. I’ve designed the mini-course content to be bite-sized specifically to help support the busiest people among us, including those of you who are front-line workers. You’ll be able to watch the videos at any time during the course that works for you. I hope you’ll join me by signing up! Your word-of-mouth is always a great gift to me – feel free to post on social media and email this to your friends and family. Best link to use to sign up and share:

Got more questions?
Drop me a line at To sign up to be notified when the course start date is announced, please visit the link and fill out the form with your best email address and first name.

With love,

Keridwyn Deller
Hypnotherapist & Integrative Mental Wellness Coach

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